Building your Global Newsroom

The age of simply creating content in English with the hope of engaging the 3 billion Internet users around the world has come to an end.

Today, 99% of all web searches happen in users’ native languages. Yet nearly half of Fortune 500 companies have neglected to localize their websites*. Additionally, 85% of Internet users don’t make important purchasing decisions unless product descriptions are available in their local language and 56% of consumers state that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.

A company’s online voice needs to be both engaging and locally relevant to captivate audiences around the world.

Founded in 2000 by two former journalists from The Economist, Pelham Media Ltd., a leader in digital editorial strategy advising 10 Fortune global 100 companies, has developed a full-service strategic content localization offer. It ranges from Global Search Management, original and transcreation of content websites and social media to the creation of your Global Newsroom to pilot your digital voice.

Contact Claudia Schulz to champion your ideas in 10 languages


* While 67% of business executives responding to the survey claim that internationalization is a key part of their growth strategy, only 20% of businesses have all of their current online communications adapted for local culture or language, a key driver of sales success.

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