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Sport Ensemble - Handicap International

Do not run alone, run together!

Handicap International is an organization that helps and supports vulnerable people, often with disabilities, in countries with conflict zones or natural disasters. It responds to the needs of these populations who are victims of poverty and exclusion by helping them to integrate into society.

Sport Ensemble is an event launched by Handicap International 18 years ago. It offers several sports events open to all, able-bodied or disabled, adults and children. The goal is to cover 10,000 km to raise €100,000 for Handicap International initiatives the world over.

The event brings together the challenge of sports, the motivation of bettering oneself, and the values of solidarity. Through Sport Ensemble, Handicap International seeks to mobilize and raise awareness among the general public about the accessibility of sport to people with disabilities, and to inform people about Handicap International’s response in humanitarian emergencies.

In 2017, the event evolved to become Sport Ensemble (until then it was called Courir Ensemble). As part of this development, Handicap International asked KCO to organize the 2018 editions of Sport Ensemble Paris and Lyon.


  • 698 runners between Paris and Lyon and €110,260 collected
  • 50 companies present
  • More than 170 volunteers