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It bag

Launching a new bag is a crucial moment for luxury brands. A successful launch can attract new customers into stores, and crystalize consumers’ interest. The product of course must be compelling and seductive, and Burberry’s DK 88 bag clearly is. But a successful launch also requires a good story to go with it. Pelham Media is in charge of this digital storytelling campaign along with TeamMedia Imagine, an agency of Les Echos.

After the successive roll-outs of The Banner, The Bridle and The Buckle, Burberry has launched a new bag that it hopes will be the next ‘It bag.’ For Pelham Media’s fashionistas, this was clearly an exciting challenge. Like it’s look, the storytelling around an ‘It bag’ must be impeccable and made to measure. We set out to narrate the story of DK 88 on a dedicated area of the Série limitée (Limited Edition), the Les Echos newspaper’s site dedicated to luxury goods.  As part of the campaign, we brought to life the bag’s story, starting with the original sketches by Burberry stylists, to the bag’s creation in ateliers in Italy, to the origins of the product name (inspired by the code of the gabardine canvas used to make Burberry’s iconic trench coats), and interviewing the world specialist in the field, Mélinda Triana, who works as a journalist for the magazine La Mode, la mode, la mode (Fashion, fashion, fashion) on the French TV channel Paris Première and is the director of the documentary “I love my bag.” That’s one tailor-made project right there!