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Raidindigo 2018: make way for the future!

Global leader in parking and individual mobility, serving the smart cities of tomorrow, the activities of Indigo group bring together several businesses—parks and associated services, roads, personal mobility, digital and related services. Indigo builds, finances and operates customized and ever-smarter parking solutions that promote a more integrated, smoother and easier customer journey. Indigo develops tailor-made solutions for all customer segments (cities, airports, hospitals, shopping centers, train stations, leisure and event spaces, universities, etc.).

From the construction of contracted works to smart city innovations, Indigo has maintained a head start to bring intelligent mobility to life, adapted to the challenges of tomorrow. To meet the needs of everyone and the challenges of cities, Indigo develops innovative and complementary automotive transport solutions, such as shared bikes and electric scooters. Concerned about the well-being of its employees and in order to ensure cohesion within the group, every two years Indigo organizes Raidindigo, a multisport event for employees of the group.

KCO consulted on every aspect of the sports event—from the selection of a site in line with Indigo’s expectations and hosting ability, to the proposal of sports activities, adherence to regulations, environmental requirements, the selection of accommodation and guest reception, the coordination of employee transfers, the creation of the event’s graphic identity and the creation of a dedicated digital platform with live tracking.

Raid Indigo - Bivouac - 25