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Shoe Pyramid: 1 day – 30 cities – Thousands of signatures

Handicap International is an organization that helps and supports vulnerable people, often with disabilities, in countries with conflict zones or natural disasters. It responds to the needs of these populations who are victims of poverty and exclusion by helping them to integrate into society.

The Shoe Pyramid is a national event (nearly 30 cities are involved each year) that raises awareness and advocates for victims of landmines and cluster bombs that mutilate and kill civilian populations, even when the conflicts are over. This event is an opportunity to collect a large number of signatures to support the advocacy and lobbying of governments, dedicated to prohibiting the use and manufacture of these weapons. In 2014, for the first time, signature collection was carried out on site in three French cities (Lyon, Paris and Nice).

After 20 years of internal management and following the departure of the Shoe Pyramid project manager several months before the event, Handicap International entrusted the 2014 organization to KCO.


In 2018, the Shoe Pyramid brought together:

  • 29 organizing cities for shoe pyramids and 62 mini-pyramids (in schools, companies, etc.)
  • More than €3,600 collected (without communication prior to the collection event)
  • Nearly 30,000 petition signatures (9,000 in Lyon and 3,000 in Paris)
  • More than 1,500 volunteers (including 520 in Lyon and 120 in Paris) and 250,000 people mobilized throughout France