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The Pandathlon: a sporty, festive, charitable and eco-friendly event

WWF is an international NGO dedicated to the protection of nature and the environment, with a high degree of involvement in sustainable development. With an active network in more than 100 countries and a total global membership of 5 million people, the organization was one of the first to be created to protect nature on a global scale.

In 2010, WWF launched the Pandathlon, the first eco-designed sports and charity event open to private and corporate teams. After three years on the slopes of Mont-Ventoux, the event settled for the country around Mont Blanc in Saint-Gervais. During this solidarity hike, participants who have collection donations benefit from the exceptional setting for a well-being weekend in harmony with nature.

Following the complex organization of its first edition, WWF decided to entrust the management of the event to KCO, which has continued to do so since 2012.


  • 4,500 participants welcomed over six years and more than €500,000 collected thanks to 9,000 donors
  • More than 30 companies participate each year
  • An eco-sports showcase that has given WWF France recognition in the sports world
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