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To the reports! 27 companies supported by the pelham media group for their 2019 corporate collection

The season of general assemblies has ended, and with it the publication of the 2019 activity, financial and extra-financial reports has been launched.

Of particular note this year are the following reports:

  • Carrefour decrypts its raison d’être, which was registered in 2019 in its statutes. “The food transition for all.” Why? How? With whom? Three big questions which structure Carrefour’s 2019 annual report. One highlight that’s supported by the actors of this food transition: teams, partners, and the agricultural sector compare their personal convictions and their professional commitment. Our support also covers the editing of the first two chapters of the Universal Registration Document.
  • The raison d’être is also featured on the cover of Orange’s integrated report. The first part of this integrated report gives a voice to the stakeholders; they reflect on what this raison d’être means to them. The second part of the report is devoted to the presentation of the Engage 2025 strategic plan. The social and environmental exemplarity supported by Orange in this new plan is also reflected in the choice of a responsible design, limiting the ink coverage on the entire report.
  • For Capgemini, the 2019 collection (annual report, integrated report, and URD) is that of the handover (only the second in more than 50 years) from Paul Hermelin to Aiman Ezzat, who becomes CEO. The year 2020 also marks the integration of Altran, whose 50,000 employees join the Capgemini teams to form a group of 270,000 people. A supplement is devoted to the presentation of Altran’s expertise and markets. Lots of changes but a wonderful continuity with, as every year, a guest artist on the cover of this collection. This year, you will discover the creations of Miryam Haddad, a young Syrian artist.
  • Thanks to Covéa for whom WordAppeal is proud to have produced the annual report, the integrated report and the brand activity reports. For their first integrated report, Covéa reflected on the major trends in the insurance sector, and their consequences on the daily lives of policyholders. Co-construction workshops have made it possible to formalize the business model and thus illustrate the impact of Covéa as a mutual leader for the past 20 years. 2019 was also the first year of their strategic plan Cové@venir (2019-2021), which moves Covéa towards sharing ever-more-value. WordAppeal also supported Covéa in producing the annual report, the MAAF, MMA and GMF activity reports and the Covéa ESG report.
  • Strategic plans are also discussed by Edenred, whose third edition of the integrated report coincides with the launch of Next Frontier (2019-2020). Edenred’s “vision” of “supporting actors in the world of work on a daily basis” is supported by two pillars:
    • On a daily basis – the digital payment services and solutions which Edenred provides to its customers, merchants, users and businesses;
    • Sustainably – Edenred’s responsible leadership is reaffirmed in its strategic plan.
  • All this, in 44 pages… a huge effort to be more concise than an average integrated report of the CAC 40 (60 pages on average in 2019).


Thank you to Albéa who entrusted us with the drafting of its sustainable development report.

Thank you to Eiffage who renewed their trust in us for the third consecutive year for the Universal Registration Document.

Thank you to LVMH who entrusted us with the preparation of their social responsibility report and environmental responsibility report.

Thanks to Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield which remains the only CAC 40 company to offer a 100% digital report.

Thanks to Scor, supported by the Pelham Media teams for the production of an annual collection (activity and CSR report, climate report and SRI report) on the theme of resilience.

Thank you to all our other customers, our partners and teams who came together, creatively and enthusiastically, in an unprecedented work environment.

We are ready to launch the 2020 crop!