We believe
in progress

— We're not resigned merely to save what can still be saved. We can and we must always look to do better, strive for beauty and aim for truth.

in the power of words

— Sustainable progress can't exist without knowledge. Objective knowledge can't happen without thought. And sound reasoning can't manifest itself without the written word.

in the power of imagination

— Reason points us in the right direction, emotion adds thrust. When the rational meets the creative, words and images coalesce and magic happens.

that the truth is non-negotiable

— The superabundance of untrue, half-true and mediocre information threatens the very principle of rational debate and undermines our ability to confront the great challenges of our time.

that businesses and organizations have a duty to make themselves heard

— The quality of their contribution to the debate will determine the quality of the solutions we choose as a society.

in AI's potential

— We believe deep learning, when combined with deep thinking, has the potential to augment our editorial abilities.

in remarkable content

— Only content that is at once true, beautiful, and just, will continue to be heard.